The Story So Far...

Aim Sky High Talent was formed in 2019 by Christina Taylor, the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur 2016. Christina is the artistic director and founder of the dance and performing arts school The Aim Sky High Company. 

We believe in hard work challenging the status quo.

 We believe in the power of grassroots cultural strategy.

We believe in diversity and representation and want make our mark in the industry. 



"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken"
- Oscar Wilde

We are not the traditional agency. We start from the child’s personality instead of their look. With marketing and advertising changing due to the consumer prioritising and caring more about what a company stands for and their ethics, the modern consumer cannot be swayed by a fancy advert alone. Every company’s image now needs to be portrayed from the inside out and we understand that. That is why we understand that finding the right talent for the job is imperative.  

We work with a roster of multi-talented kids who we train in the performing arts on a regular basis. Our training helps to provide a great understanding of the child, their ability and their parents. Therefore we can help photographers, art directors, casting directors and industry professionals find the right child for the job.

The diversity of talent, look and culture that our performers encompass has seen us become an agency of choice for highly sought after children. We have children that are strong in various different aspects of performance and modelling. Our ‘sauce’ and differentiation has attracted top worldwide artists such as Stormzy and the choreographers of Justin Bieber’s worldwide Purpose Tour.

Our young adults are 16-30 years old. A majority of our talent is homegrown and performers that have trained and worked with us in the past. We represent dancers, actors, models and triple threat performers that can be booked for a range of different events, shows, commercials, TV shows and soaps and more.

Every performer on our roster has been hand-picked by us so  we understand the individual talents of every person we select.

Our deep understanding and close working relationship with our talent means that casting directors, choreographers and producers can be confident we will always select the right talent for their brief.


Young Adults

"No one else does you better than you"

urban talent3

Cultural Strategy

There is no denying you can't hide or fake who you are and where you are from. Christina Taylor, the artistic director, and the whole team that work within Aim Sky High Talent were invested in this culture before the culture became mainstream. We were all around when no venue in Manchester would allow an urban night to proceed because it was too 'ghetto' or too 'black'. When seeing 'Boy in da Corner' by Dizzee Rascal in HMV meant so much to us, when the only primary way to buy UK grime and urban underground music was to purchase CDs from the artists themselves trying to make a come up in the main city centres in different cities. We are 100% authentic.

The authentic fascination and passion for the inescapable culture that gripped the streets of South Manchester in the 90’s and 00’s mixed with undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education from Manchester Alliance Business School has helped Christina to create a unique edge. Her masters dissertation was used in a government report about helping to create successful start-up businesses in disadvantaged areas.

From community project development with Manchester United Foundation to working with Manchester City FC to provide the right family friendly targeted entertainment, to working with TV production companies to spot talent and work on development of new ideas and commissions. All Christina’s work has seen her awarded Duke of York Young Entrepreneur 2016 award.

We can help you with whatever you may need. Creative consultancy and local targeted marketing by using local urban social media influencers to penetrate niche and local markets.


The talent that The Aim Sky High Company produces has casting directors, artists and television companies approaching her to work on projects and supply talent due to their high quality training and Christina’s understanding of marketing and cultural strategy. Therefore, in 2019, Christina set up Aim Sky High Talent as an established stand alone agency to further talent development and offer opportunities to clients.

Due to all of our talent being in house at our prestigious performing arts school, we have become a popular choice because we build and maintain great relationships with parents, have an amazing understanding of each individual child and can work on whatever casting directors, choreographers and producers need us to prior to shoot/performance day. There is implicit trust that we can and will get the job done.


Our adult division is extremely diverse in look and talent. We endeavour to fulfil any clients needs to the best of our ability.

Model Management

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Fashion Shows

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Artist Management

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Cultural Strategy

Christina grew up in South Manchester, and spent her teenage years actively involved in the grime and urban music scene. From singing and MCing herself to managing a crew of MCs to eventually finding her feet in dance and opening concerts for acts such as Giggs, Chipmunk, T-Pain, Doneo, Omarion and more all by the age of 18 years old. 

Being involved in the grime and urban scene by helping promote events and concerts, run youth events and under 18’s nights and help some of the world’s biggest names build community projects has lead to Christina’s role as a key cultural strategist in Manchester.

Urban Influencers

Urban influencers in the North-West to help market your product, event or service


Actors, Actresses & Extras for Soaps, Films, Theatre, Musicals, Plays and more


Models for Campaigns, Catwalk, Magazines, Shows and more


Dancers and Choreographers for TV, Film, Concerts, Stage, Festivals & Tours


Cultural project consultancy and management helping to engage your primary target market and create amazing experiences

Music Artists

Singers for Musicals, Shows & Entertainment. Voiceovers for TV/Radio, Movies, animation and more