The Story So Far...

Aim Sky High Talent was formed in 2019 by Christina Taylor, Business Insiders #1 female founder of colour to watch in Europe 2020 . Christina is the artistic director and founder of the dance and performing arts school Aim Sky High. 

We have a passion for excellence 

We are on hand to be dedicated to every clients brief 


We are passionate about marketing and cultural strategy 


We are not the traditional agency. We start from the model’s personality instead of their look. With marketing and advertising changing due to the consumer prioritising and caring more about what a company stands for and their ethics, the modern consumer cannot be swayed by a fancy advert alone. Every company’s image now needs to be portrayed from the inside out and we understand that. That is why we understand that finding the right talent for the job is imperative.  

We work with a roster of multi-talented kids who we train in the performing arts on a regular basis. Our training helps to provide a great understanding of the child, their ability and their parents. Therefore we can help photographers, art directors, casting directors and industry professionals find the right talent for the job.


We are renowned in the UK for our outstanding dance talent, cultivated primarily within our dance academy, and sought after by some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Our ‘sauce’ and differentiation has attracted top worldwide artists such as Stormzy, Giggs and the choreographers of Justin Bieber’s worldwide Purpose Tour.


Our dancers have been booked for festivals, tours, match day entertainment, commercials and feature films. Diverse in ability as well as look, there is no where else to find better kids dance talent. Every performer on our roster has been hand-picked by us so  we understand the individual talents of every person we select.

Our deep understanding and close working relationship with our talent means that casting directors, choreographers and producers can be confident we will always select the right talent for their brief. 


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